Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Day 292 - Day 313 Wednesday 27th November - Tuesday 17th December 2013; Location - Hervey Bay

On the 27th November we packed up camp and headed back to Hervey Bay and mum and dads place to finish off helping dad.

The parts had been ordered and had arrived so it was time for James to finish helping dad. Unfortunately when dad had the truck tested it needed more work done, so time to order more parts in and wait for them to come in.

We had a phone call from the Real Estate Agent, and our tenants who were suppose to move out on the 30th November had asked for an extension as their house would no be ready by then, so we gave them until the 14th December. This meant that we now had to extend our time in Hervey Bay as we couldnt go home on the 1st as planned.

On the 4th December we all went out to the Boat Club to celebrate James birthday. It was really nice to be there with mum, dad, Jenny and James and Rena. It was also nice not to have to cook and washup too :).

We then had another phone call from the Real  Estate Agent, who advised that they tenants wanted another extension as they wouldnt be able to move out until the 17th December. So we had no choice but to accept this, another delay in going home, so mum and dad will have to put up with Rena and us a little longer.

The truck finally passed rego, so James could relax, and mum and dad could now take off back to the Ridge when ever they wanted too.

We celebrated Christmas early with the Hervey Bay clan. It was a really nice time and it was great to celebrate with the family. For the first time in many years I actually made the triffle, thank goodness for the internet. My sister Fiona makes the best triffles and is normally the one who makes them, I make the cheesecakes. We also celebrated my youngest nephews birthday on the same day. Happy birthday Aaron.

Well the 17th came and we packed up the camper and the pulsar and collected the cat and headed south after lunch. We were not allowed to enter the house before 5pm so this meant a late start for us.

We arrived home just after 5pm, sad that our fantastic trip around Australia was over (and a little bit earlier than first planned) but we were also looking forward to being in our own bed (once unpacked) and able to swim in the pool when ever we wanted, oh and shower and flushing toilet etc etc. :) :) (but you can learn to live without such luxuries)

So after 313 days and 32,166 klms we are home and looking forward to the next time we can get out there and enjoy this great country of ours again.

Thank you to all the wonderful people that we have met along the way. Our lives will forever be changed by this wonderful experience, we have been to some magical places and walked and climbed some wonderful treks. 

People ask what was our favorite thing/experience, but we did some many things and saw so many places it is hard to single one out. Karajini NP WA and Kermit's Pool was magical and exhilarating but then all the gorge walks in The Kimberley were right up there too, swimming in the Roper River in NT only to find out the day after that there was a 3 meter plus salty in that river the day before we were there, it is hard to single one experience out.

I do know one thing, I will have itchy feet for quite some time, we have only just touched the tip of the iceberg on this trip, next time we go, we wont have a fixed home date, we will travel until we have explored it all. We are all hungry to explore this land fully, but until then, we will have to suffice with lots of little trips to help quell the itch.

Day 285 - 291 Wednesday 20th - Tuesday 26th November 2013; Location - Woodgate Beach Campground, Burrum Coast National Park

We headed up to Woodgate Beach, we had helped mum and dad, but we had very itchy feet and felt as if we still had so much unfinished business, so we packed up the camper and hit the blacktop again and headed up to Woodgate Beach to relax before heading home.

We explored around the campground and then off down to Walkers Creek. It was times like this that I wish we had a canoe, it would have been fantastic to paddle up the river. Was so calm and perfect weather for it too. It looked so inviting, but to many sharks and jellyfish to actually dive in and have a swim.

We explored Woodgate township. It was really beautiful to see that a family had taken the time to write a sign on the beach using shells, rocks and red roses wishing their mum a happy 80th birthday. I know it made me feel really special and would have loved it if my kids had done something like that for me. Felt very blessed to have been there to witness it.

We headed up the coast to the creek and James went off to do a geocache whilst Rena and I explored the picnic area.

We also went in to Bundaberg one day to have a look around and get some fresh food. I have been chasing some wool to finish a project I have been doing, but I have been to 3 spotlights now and looks like I will have to pull it apart and start again as I can no longer get the same wool :(

We headed to the river and sat by it whilst having lunch, after lunch we had a drive around to see what damage we could still see from the floods earlier in the year. Was good to see that there wasnt much damage you could see.

One night we had a storm roll in just as I was cooking dinner, just finished cooking, had sat down to eat and the storm hit us, hail, heavy rain and wind.

We all ended up inside the camper with lightning hitting all around us and hail and heavy rain. Not a good feeling sitting inside a canvas camper whilst lightning was striking all around you. Luckily it was only pea size hail.

Once it had passed we had water in our annex up past our ankles so we had to dig trenches to get the water the drain away. We had fun playing in the water, was still hot and muggy, but at least we could get wet.

Was a very hot and muggy night that one, no air conditioning in the camper, so all windows open that night. Luckily our closest neighbours had moved on that morning.

The rest of the time was spent resting and relaxing, will be flat out once we get home for a while, so time to rest as much as we can before the bedlam starts.

Day 267 - Day 284 Saturday November 2nd - Tuesday 19th November 2013; Location - Hervey Bay

We headed to Hervey Bay so that we could answer a SOS from my mum to help my dad out. So we have spent this time helping mum and dad out.

Rena has got to enjoy WetSide at Hervey Bay, I think this has become one of her favorite places to visit now.

During this time we got to celebrate my parents 49th wedding anniversary, my niece Jesse graduate from high school and did she scrub up really well for her formal. She looked gorgeous.

Day 256 - 266 Tuesday 22nd October - Friday 1st November 2013; Location - Lightning Ridge

We spent this time catching up with my sister Fiona and checking out Lightning Ridge.

It was too hot to go out to the bore baths so we gave them a miss this time.

Day 255 Monday 21st October 2013; Location - 4 Mile Reserve Brewarrina

We woke up early and it was warm already, had slept with all the windows open last night, the slight cool breeze was a nice relief from the heat of the day.

We packed up camp and our neighbour came over for a chat. He was very talkative and in the end we just had to drive away as he just wanted to talk all day. He was in for a long chat.

We then headed back in to Brewarrina and then off to Lightning Ridge.

We arrived at my sisters camp and set up camp. We did a full setup as we were going to stay for a couple of days. It is amazing how cool it is under the annex, was cooler under the annex than inside Fiona's camp.

Day 254 Sunday 20th October 2013; Location - Tilpa Weir Camping Area

Well the flies returned early, no reprieve from these little black flies.

As we were packing up, we had a visitor. It was an old timer who had been camping up the river and yesterday whilst fishing on the river in his boat, had flipped it and lost his brand new Bundaberg Rum Esky.

He was hoping that it had floated down to the weir, but unfortunately for him it wasn't there. Would have been a nice find for someone. I think he was really hoping that we had found it.

We then headed back out to the blacktop and headed in to Louth. We pulled up opposite the pub at the park and made lunch in the shade of the tree. It was a little hot, Rena decided to stay in the car to eat her lunch to stay away from both the heat and the flies.

James and I soon followed suite, flies. Got to expect them in the outback, but they have been so bad for so long now. Starting to wear thin.

We then headed for Brewarrina and headed out of town to the 4 mile reserve. Mum had told us about this campspot and was suppose to be popular with the gray nomad set.

Nice spot, right beside the river. nice little campspot, toilets, cold showers and a jetty for you to swim off.

James picked his spot and we set up camp, we enjoyed the shade of the tree whilst we had it as it was quite a warm day. The river looked tempting but none of us wanted to go in, so we got Rena's big black tub and filled it up with water and she had a dip to cool down.

We watched our fellow campers have a swim and a processing of locals come out for a swim. Our neighbours dropped a line into the river but all they got was cod. Was fun to watch the couple as they had a bit of a tiff as they were very competitive when it came to fishing.

The facilities wernt to bad. They were in need of some repairs, the showers were cold and 2 didn't have doors and the water was from the river, but it was free.

It was another warm night, it had been a hot day and now a warm night.

Day 253 Saturday 19th October 2013; Location - Spring Hill Rest Area

We slept in, well we awoke at our usual time but due to changing states and daylight savings it is now a sleep in for us.

We had breakfast and then packed up. Lots of feral goats around this morning. The damage that they are doing to the environment. :(

We hit the road and headed in to Wilcannia as I had run out of gas last night whilst cooking dinner and needed to get a gas bottle refill.

Gas bottle refilled and we hit the road again, the town was boarded up more than last time we drove through this way. It is amazing to see the changes in towns from years to years when you are traveling through. Off we headed towards Bourke.

Next port of call is the Tilpa Weir, James selected the campsite and we set up campt.


Well I had my cuppa inside the camper trailer, couldn't even have a cuppa outside without the flies crawling all over me and trying to climb into every orifice of my body.


Just after dark we were sitting inside and there was 2 bright lights start just near our camper. They were high up in the air and close together, but too high to be on a 4wd. There was absolutely no noise what so ever.  Had a look couldnt see any cars etc there. No noise before, during or after the lights left.

Checked outside for Tyre marks too, nothing, zilch, zero. Nothing. Real twilight zone stuff.